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what is arkivia books

ARKIVIA BOOKS is a series of Tendency Books and is the result of years of creative research for artists, stylists and graphic designers.

Every book contains CDs or DVD of all the designs inside the book.

These designs can be used freely by all those who buy these books in accordance with the copyright terms mentioned in each book.

They are in different formats :
Vectorial and Bitmap files accessible by all graphic softwares in Windows or Mac like Illustrator, CorelDraw or Photoshop.

For those who work as designers of product lines in various trade sectors, one of the most important jobs is to determine the look that the line should have to attract clients and distinguish itself from others.

Research is fundamental, before any design can be made, research using books, magazines, samples of objects found all over the world. This results in a large quantity of ideas on which marketing works before starting to develop one of them.
A long and expensive process to reach the development of the designs, keeping in mind the production methods.

Arkivia Books has inserted into the books these kinds of knowhow:
1 - Research into a tendency theme.
2 - Development of creative ideas that illustrate it.
3 - Professional artworks for immediate production with that look.


1 - Those who create products every day and need to document a single theme suitable to the product.
2 - Companies that with a small amount of money, very low compared with the high costs of creative studios, can access material ready to be used and developed by their internal staff.

In the recent past, Tendency Books have been produced for a restricted club of professional people who could afford the high cost of this sort of book (around 1000/1500 euros).
Arkivia Books has decided to create books with the same spirit but within the reach of any professional in image.
As expensive as a good quality book but no more than is accepted in bookshops.


1 - A precise target, that is professionals in image.
2 - Tendency books at the price of a normal book.
3 - A single theme developed with hundreds of designs, timeless and always valid.
4 - Professional modifiable files included with the books in DVD or CD.
5 - Freedom of use of the designs by the buyer, especially for commercial use.
6 - Thousands of books sold to Opinion Leaders in Fashion Fairs which testifies to their quality.