The Author

Vincenzo Sguera, a life to create Arkivia Books


When 18 years old, in 1968, I joined the Architecture Faculty of Florence (Italy) and graduated with the maximum in 1977.
In those 9 years in Florence I alternated study and work, as an artist, advertising illustrator, comics designer and advertising art director.

Once the obligations of military service and University were fulfilled, I opened a Studio for advertising, illustration, fashion and product design, then entering into business with the company "NEXT" in 1982.
As Creative Director,
I developed product lines with characters such as Snoopy, Hello Kitty, Simpsons and
famous brand names such as
Benetton, Sisley, O'Neill, Diesel for the world market in gadgets and stationery.
This up until 1991, when I decided to break off from this fantasmagoric and stressful world to design only dress collections for teenagers.

From 1992 to 1995 I was Creative Director and Product Managing Director for the most important Italian firm in school products, Cartiere Pigna, where
I was able to develop freely, thanks to the longsightdness of the owner.
When this was no longer possible,
in 1996 I started to consult with several firms
in product, design and marketing.
The need to become a publisher began in 1995,
but only in 2002 I was able to start
as author and publisher,
while continuing my normal work as designer.

So now, since 2008, my time is fully taken up with my editorial business, Arkivia Books,
developing books for those that are occupied in my previous creative field and have to produce ideas that satisfy the market.